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Today, we embark on a journey to explore the potential Zomato share price prediction from 2023 to 2050. This analysis is essential for investors, whether experienced or beginners, seeking to gauge the long-term investment prospects of Zomato based on its recent performance and growth outlook. Additionally, we will consider analyst recommendations from various brokerage firms.

Zomato’s shares have witnessed a 35% increase since the fourth quarter, and there is an expectation that this momentum will persist. It is noteworthy that the market’s current valuation largely reflects the value associated with Zomato’s food delivery business.

Zomato share price prediction

In the June quarter, Zomato’s food delivery platform achieved profitability, surpassing market expectations. The contribution margin expanded, and the adjusted EBITDA margin for both the food delivery and quick commerce segments exceeded expectations. Moreover, Zomato successfully delivered growth in its gross order value (GOV) for the quarter.

However, it’s important to highlight that Zomato’s Blinkit business faced challenges, with a temporary slowdown in GOV due to disruptions in April related to changes in the delivery partner pay-out structure.

Following the release of quarterly results, analysts have set price targets for Zomato’s stock, predominantly falling within the range of Rs 60–130. Notably, most of these price targets tend to gravitate towards the upper end of this target range.

JM Financial has identified Zomato as its top pick among the listed internet companies, revising its target price to Rs 115. They emphasize that while Zomato’s shares have already seen a significant uptick due to the food delivery segment, there is substantial potential for value unlocking in the Blinkit segment.

In summary, Zomato’s performance and growth outlook appear promising, especially in its food delivery business. Analysts are generally optimistic about its future, with price targets suggesting the potential for further appreciation in the company’s share price. However, the dynamics of the Blinkit business also play a significant role in the overall assessment of Zomato’s long-term potential as an investment.

About Zomato

Zomato is a restaurant aggregator and food delivery company based in India. It was originally founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. Initially known as FoodieBay, the platform started as a portal for restaurant listings and recommendations. However, in 2010, it was rebranded as Zomato to accommodate potential future expansions beyond just food-related services and to avoid any conflicts with eBay.

As part of its innovative approach, Zomato introduced a dedicated website called zomato.xxx in 2011, focused on showcasing food-related content.

In the following years, Zomato witnessed significant growth. In 2011, it expanded its operations across major Indian cities, including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. The year 2012 marked a significant milestone as Zomato extended its services internationally, venturing into countries like the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Qatar, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and South Africa.

The company’s global expansion continued in 2013 with entries into New Zealand, Turkey, Brazil, and Indonesia. Zomato accommodated this expansion by offering its website and apps in multiple languages, including Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and English.

In April 2014, Zomato made its debut in Portugal, followed by launches in Canada, Lebanon, and Ireland in 2015. These strategic moves solidified Zomato’s position as a global player in the restaurant discovery and food delivery industries.

IndustryOnline food delivery
HeadquartersGurugram, Haryana, India
ExchangeNSE, BSE

Zomato has become a household name over the years, synonymous with convenient and dependable online food delivery. The company’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and its extensive network of partner restaurants have played pivotal roles in its success within the industry. With an intuitive user interface, a diverse range of culinary choices, and a robust presence in multiple countries, Zomato continues to redefine the way people order and savor their meals.

Stock Forecast of ZOMATO:

Stay updated on Zomato’s share price today with real-time updates and analyze its performance in the stock market through comprehensive charts that illustrate the fluctuations in Zomato’s share price.

Zomato share price prediction

Zomato Share Price Target 2023

As of May 27, 2023, with the current share price standing at INR 67, we can project a conservative minimum target for 2023 of approximately INR 80. This projection takes into account Zomato’s ongoing expansion efforts, anticipated revenue growth, and its expanding market share. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that unforeseen market volatility or economic downturns can influence share prices, so prudent investment strategies are crucial. In an optimistic scenario, a maximum target of around INR 100 for 2023 could be envisaged if Zomato demonstrates strong financial performance and capitalizes effectively on market opportunities.

Zomato Share Price Target 2024

In 2024, Zomato’s share price target could potentially experience further growth, aiming for a minimum target of INR 120. Factors contributing to this growth might include improved operational efficiency, increased customer adoption, and favorable industry dynamics. In a more optimistic scenario, a maximum target of INR 150 could be attainable if Zomato continues to expand its market presence, forge strategic partnerships, and sustain revenue and profit growth

Zomato Share Price Target: 2025

Moving forward to 2025, Zomato’s share price may continue its upward trajectory. With a heightened focus on innovation, technology, and customer-centric strategies, Zomato might achieve a minimum target of approximately INR 180. Expanding into new geographical markets, optimizing delivery networks, and fostering customer loyalty could be pivotal in reaching this target. In a best-case scenario, a maximum target of INR 220 could be within reach if Zomato maintains a strong market position, diversifies revenue streams effectively, and demonstrates sustained profitability.

Zomato Share Price Target: 2026

By 2026, Zomato’s share price could aspire to reach a minimum target of INR 250, driven by sustained business expansion, enhanced market dominance, and efficient cost management. In an optimistic scenario, a maximum target of INR 300 might be feasible if Zomato successfully seizes emerging market opportunities and maintains consistent financial performance.

Zomato Share Price Target: 2027

Looking ahead to 2027, Zomato’s share price may target a minimum of INR 300, considering its potential to penetrate new markets, spearhead technological advancements, and solidify its competitive position. In a more favorable scenario, a maximum target of INR 350 could be projected, assuming ongoing business growth and favorable industry conditions.

Zomato Share Price Target 2030

Peering further into the future, the share price target for 2030 becomes highly speculative due to the extended forecast horizon. Potential minimum targets for 2040 and 2050 could be tentatively estimated at INR 600 and INR 800, respectively. These projections assume that Zomato maintains its growth trajectory and effectively adapts to evolving market dynamics.

In a more optimistic scenario, maximum targets for these years might reach INR 800 and INR 1000, respectively. These lofty targets hinge on Zomato’s ability to continuously innovate, expand into new markets, and deliver robust financial performance.

Zomato Share Price Target: 2050

Setting share price targets for 2040 and 2050 involves a considerable degree of speculation due to the extended timeframe of the forecast. Tentatively, we can suggest potential minimum targets for 2040 and 2050 at around INR 600 and INR 800, respectively.

These estimates are contingent upon Zomato’s ability to sustain its current growth trajectory and effectively adapt to the evolving dynamics of the market. In a more optimistic scenario, maximum targets for these years might extend to approximately INR 800 for 2040 and INR 1000 for 2050.

 These elevated targets are rooted in the assumption that Zomato will continue to foster innovation, expand into new markets, and maintain a robust record of financial performance.

Years1st Target2nd Target

Top Competitors of Zomato:

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It’s crucial to emphasize that stock prices are subject to a multitude of influences, encompassing economic conditions, industry trends, company performance, and investor sentiment. These factors are highly dynamic and can swiftly affect the stock price of not only Zomato but also other companies.

To make informed investment decisions, it is advisable to seek guidance from a licensed financial advisor or conduct thorough research independently. This proactive approach will help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of the stock market and make prudent investment choices.

That these Share Price Targets for “Zomato” is only provided for informational purposes only. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell or hold Zomato stock.

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