Analyzing Suzlon Energy Share Price Target for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030: A Stock Analysis



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Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2024

In this piece, we will delve into the details of Suzlon Energy as a company, as well as its associated shares. While presently categorized as a penny stock, it’s important to note that this stock boasted a strong performance in previous years. Additionally, we’ll explore the potential timeline for its resurgence. I encourage you to continue reading until the conclusion of this article to gain a comprehensive understanding of this stock.

Suzlon Energy Ltd., a renewable energy company, has seen its stock price rise steadily over the last three trading sessions. Starting from Rs 19.73 (closing price) on August 17, the stock’s value has climbed to Rs 20.89 as of the previous session on August 22, as recorded on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). During this latest session, Suzlon Energy shares exhibited a significant 4.92% increase, closing at Rs 20.89 on the BSE, a notable surge compared to the previous day’s closing value of Rs 19.91. Impressively, the stock even reached its upper circuit limit, surging by 5% to Rs 20.90 on the BSE.

Suzlon Energy functions as a manufacturer and supplier of wind turbines. The company’s offerings encompass an array of solar energy solutions, spanning activities like evaluating solar radiation, handling infrastructure and power distribution, securing land and necessary permissions, overseeing installation and activation, and managing asset lifecycles within the supply chain. Notable products from Suzlon Energy’s portfolio include the S111, S120, S128 turbines, along with the Classic Feet model.

“Within a span of just three months, the stock has achieved a remarkable feat by more than doubling in value, yielding substantial returns for investors who ventured into this penny stock. Over the past three months, Suzlon Energy’s stock has exhibited an impressive surge of 124.87%. The stock’s trajectory saw it reach its peak for the year, touching Rs 21.25 on August 11, 2023, while also experiencing a dip to its 52-week low of Rs 6.60 on October 13, 2022.

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In terms of technical indicators, the stock’s relative strength index (RSI) currently stands at 60.7, indicating a state of equilibrium where it is neither trading in the overbought zone nor the oversold zone. Suzlon Energy shares possess a beta of 1.6, reflecting substantial volatility over the course of a year. Notably, the stock’s trading position is above the 5-day, 10-day, 20-day, 50-day, 100-day, and 200-day moving averages.”

Suzlon Energy Shareholding Pattern

The shareholding pattern stands out as a crucial metric for comprehending the dynamics of any stock. Now, let’s delve into the Suzlon Energy Shareholding Pattern.

  • Promoters retain 14.50% of the Shareholding.
  • Retail investors and other entities collectively hold 70.21% of the Shareholding.
  • Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) account for 7.05% of the Shareholding.
  • Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) possess 8.17% of the Shareholding.
  • Mutual Funds are vested with 0.07% of Suzlon Energy’s shares.

If we talk about the Revenue and Profit of Suzlon Energy Company then

In 2019, the company recorded a revenue of ₹5,025 crore, while facing a loss of ₹1,527 crore. Moving to 2020, the revenue decreased to ₹2,973 crore, and the loss escalated to ₹2,642 crore. However, the trajectory shifted in 2021, where the company achieved a profit of ₹104 crore, accompanied by a revenue of ₹3,346 crore. Conversely, in the current year, 2022, there is a notable decline, with the highest recorded loss of ₹200 crore, despite a substantial revenue of ₹6,582 crore

Suzlon Energy share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 Table

YearSuzlon Energy Share Price Target
2023₹35 – ₹42
2024₹38 – ₹66
2025₹45 – ₹80
2026₹55 – ₹110
2027₹76 – ₹120
2028₹79 – ₹129
2029₹100– ₹155
2030₹160 – ₹230
2040₹245 – ₹380

Suzlon Energy share price target 2023

Over the past year, Suzlon Energy has generated a commendable return of 17%. The stock’s recent ascent is attributed to a strategic decision by the management, contributing to its upward trajectory. Should this trend persist, it’s plausible to anticipate Suzlon Energy’s share price targets for 2023 at INR 40 and another target at INR 55. However, it’s worth noting that the company’s current financial standing is less than favorable, which introduces an element of risk to investing in this stock.

suzlon share price target

Suzlon Energy share price target 2024

The company’s fundamental metrics do not present a strong outlook. Presently, the P/E Ratio stands at a notably low 5.43, and the EPS is relatively modest at 1.91, both of which are typically considered less favorable for stock assessment. Additionally, the book value reveals a negative figure at -0.22, underscoring the current unfavorable condition of the stock. Consequently, predicting Suzlon Energy’s price becomes challenging.

Yet, considering the company’s future strategies, there’s a projection for Suzlon Energy’s share price targets in 2024, which could potentially reach INR 55 for the first target and INR 80 for the second. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the company’s present circumstances contribute to an uncertain investment landscape.

suzlon share price target

Suzlon Energy share price target 2025

The company is currently deeply concerned about its debt situation and is actively taking measures to expedite its reduction. The burden of interest payments on this debt has been outweighing the company’s profits, leading to financial losses. Notably, Suzlon Energy has managed to lower its debt significantly, from 14,000 crores to 3201 crore, resulting in substantial relief. The company is dedicated to further decreasing its debt load.

Market Overview of Suzlon Energy:

Market cap
30,492.42 Cr
Enterprise Value
34,343.63 Cr.
No. of Shares
1361.27 Cr.
Face Value
2 rs
Book Value (TTM)
3.97 Rs
402.02 Cr.
4261.23 Cr.
Promoter Holding
-0.11 Rs
Sales Growth
Profit Growth

Taking these efforts into account, there’s a possibility that Suzlon Energy’s share price targets for 2025 could stand at INR 34 for the first target and INR 38 for the second target. It’s important to acknowledge that these projections are influenced by the company’s ongoing debt reduction initiatives, which could have a substantial impact on its overall financial outlook.

Suzlon Energy share price target 2030

Looking at the long-term perspective, Suzlon Energy has the potential to exhibit substantial growth. The renewable energy sector is poised for potential expansion in the upcoming years, bolstered by government initiatives to foster its development. However, it’s important to acknowledge the inherent risks associated with the sector in which the company operates.

Suzlon’s primary business involves establishing wind turbines, which demands significant financial investment. It’s worth noting that on multiple occasions, not just once, the company has encountered hurdles whenever it sought expansion through loans. This recurring pattern of challenges has prompted Suzlon Energy to focus its current efforts on business expansion.

While the renewable energy sector holds promise, these historical obstacles underscore the need for a strategic approach as Suzlon Energy navigates its expansion plans.

Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2040

Looking ahead in the long run, there are predictions indicating that the stock has the potential to yield substantial multibagger returns. Based on our forecast, the projected Suzlon Energy Share Price Target for 2040 stands at INR 380, with a secondary target price potentially reaching INR 660. As with any forecast, it’s important to keep in mind that these projections are subject to various factors and uncertainties that can influence the stock’s performance over time.

How to buy suzlon energy share

suzlon share price target 2024

To buy Suzlon Energy shares, follow these steps:

1. Open a Demat Account: You’ll need a Demat (Dematerialized) account to hold your shares in electronic form. You can open one with a registered stockbroker or a financial institution that offers this service.

2. Choose a Stockbroker: Select a reputable stockbroker that provides access to the stock exchanges where Suzlon Energy shares are listed. Ensure they offer an easy-to-use trading platform and competitive brokerage rates.

3. Complete KYC: Complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process with your chosen stockbroker. This involves providing your identification documents and other necessary information to comply with regulatory requirements.

4. Funding Your Account: Deposit the required funds into your trading account. This will be the amount you plan to invest in purchasing Suzlon Energy shares.

5. Place an Order: Log in to your trading account, search for Suzlon Energy’s stock symbol (usually “SUZLON” or “SUZLONEQ” depending on the stock exchange), and place an order. There are two types of orders:

   – Market Order: This order is executed at the prevailing market price. It’s usually executed quickly, but the exact price you get may vary.

   – Limit Order: With a limit order, you specify the maximum price you’re willing to pay for the shares. Your order will only be executed if the stock reaches or goes below this price.

6. Review and Confirm: Before confirming the order, double-check all the details, including the number of shares you’re purchasing and the order type.

7. Monitor Your Investment: Once your order is executed, the shares will be credited to your Demat account. You can monitor your investment’s performance through your trading platform or by checking stock market updates.

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So, dear readers, if your investment decisions are solely driven by Suzlon Energy’s share price targets, it’s crucial to reconsider. It’s important to understand that there are numerous factors influencing the fluctuations in share prices, beyond just the target numbers.

I trust you found the insights into Suzlon Energy’s share price targets enlightening. If you’re seeking additional information or have any queries regarding this topic, please feel free to ask by leaving a comment. We are dedicated to providing informative responses. If you found this article valuable, kindly consider sharing it with others.

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