Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2023,2025,2030: Analyzing Future Potential



In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, making predictions about their long-term trajectories can be both challenging and intriguing. For investors and enthusiasts of Big Eyes Coin, the burning question is, “What does the future hold for Big Eyes Coin in 2030?” In this article, we delve into the crystal ball of crypto analysis to offer a comprehensive Big Eyes Coin price prediction 2030. We’ll examine the factors, trends, and potential scenarios that could shape the destiny of this meme coin over the next decade, with a keen focus on its price performance.


The presale for Big Eyes (BIG) commenced in August 2022 and is scheduled to conclude on June 3rd, 2023, as per the official Big Eyes website. This cryptocurrency, featuring a cat-themed meme coin and operating as an ERC-20 token with the ticker symbol BIG, is set to launch on Uniswap and a tier one centralized exchange (CEX) that has yet to be revealed.

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2030

Having purportedly raised around $35 million and encountering multiple delays in concluding the $BIG token presale, there is now speculation regarding the potential price trajectory of Big Eyes coin following its initial coin offering (ICO).

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction – Key Points

End of 2023: The future of the BIG token’s price for the remainder of the year hinges on whether it fulfills its launch commitments and the identity of the centralized crypto exchange, which the official Twitter account @BigEyesCoin indicates will be a tier 1 CEX. Predicting the Big Eyes coin price is challenging because some investors may grow impatient after holding for nearly a year, potentially increasing selling pressure. Additionally, the fully diluted market cap at launch will be substantial, standing at $120 million based on its total supply of 200 billion tokens and a listing price of $0.0006. The live market cap will be $96 million, considering that 80% of the tokens will be in circulation

End of 2025: In an optimistic scenario, following the customary ICO price dip that occurs with new crypto projects, if Big Eyes coin adheres to its roadmap, it could potentially recover its initial market cap and listing price. This would position it as the 7th largest meme coin, trailing behind Dogecoin ($11B), Shiba Inu ($6B), Floki Inu ($345M), Baby Doge Coin ($330M), Bone ShibaSwap ($234M), and Dogelon Mars ($145M). However, prior to achieving this, a selloff to revisit its early price stages, which was $0.0001, is expected. On its way up, it will need to surpass the market caps of ($50M) and Volt Inu V2 ($58M).

End of 2030:Historically, only Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have endured in the meme coin space, with market capitalizations of $11 billion and $6 billion, respectively. These coins were founded in 2013 and 2020, with Dogecoin experiencing a surge during the 2021 bull run. Predicting the Big Eyes coin price so far into the future is challenging, as it must compete with these established coins. To surpass Dogecoin, $BIG would need to increase in price by 100x, and to outperform Shiba Inu, it would require a 50x increase. These percentage gains are more realistic for new cryptocurrency projects that launch with lower market caps. However, overtaking Dogecoin, a favorite of Elon Musk, is deemed unlikely.

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2030

Big Eyes (BIG) coin is a recent meme coin that recently concluded its presale. In this article, we will explore Big Eyes coin price predictions for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030. We will assess its short-term and long-term potential based on its fundamentals, roadmap, safety measures, and community interest.

Similar to other leading meme coins like Dogecoin, the $BIG token is not expected to offer significant utility. Instead, the project aims to boost the token’s price by fostering a larger community and increasing its popularity among investors.

Before delving into Big Eyes’ price predictions, it’s essential to conduct your research and due diligence.

Big Eyes coin  Price Prediction for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

We have covered the key aspects of Big Eyes (BIG) that you should be aware of before considering its price prediction. If you are considering an investment in this coin, it is crucial to stay informed. However, keep in mind that predictions are not a substitute for thorough research and due diligence.

So, what might Big Eyes be worth? Below, we outline potential price ranges for Big Eyes coin in 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, providing you with a rough estimate of its future value potential.

YearPossible LowPossible High

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2025

The next Bitcoin halving is anticipated to occur in April 2024, and some traders speculate that this event could trigger the next cryptocurrency bull run, akin to how the 2021 bull run followed a halving event. If Big Eyes manages a successful launch and maintains its popularity in 2025, it could benefit from the overall rise in meme coin values, coinciding with the performance of the broader crypto market and global financial markets, assuming concerns of a recession subside. A significant factor in Big Eyes’ future value will rely on the project’s ability to fulfill its promised roadmap and dispel any fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) surrounding its development.

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Professional trader Carl Dawkins has raised some potential concerns on his YouTube channel, Carl Talks Crypto, while also offering his Big Eyes crypto price prediction. Furthermore, Etherscan tracking suggests that the Big Eyes presale may not have actually reached its stated fundraising target. It’s worth noting that Carl is the CEO of a competing meme crypto project, Love Hate Inu, and the success or failure of other meme tokens could also influence the price of Big Eyes.

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2030

As previously mentioned, Big Eyes (BIG) is expected to be one of the top 10 meme coins by market capitalization at its launch, owing to its substantial supply (greater than Dogecoin’s 139 billion) and a notable 600% increase in price during the presale rounds. However, it is imperative that the project not only launches successfully but also sustains its value by attracting new investors and retaining existing holders.

One advantageous aspect for the token’s price is that the Big Eyes total supply is capped at 200 billion, making it non-inflationary compared to DOGE. Additionally, a significant portion of the supply will be held by the community. Nevertheless, it remains challenging to anticipate Big Eyes coin overtaking Shiba Inu, which would require a 50x gain. Even a 10x gain would imply a $1 billion valuation, a milestone only SHIB and DOGE have achieved. For context, as of May 2023, Floki Inu (FLOKI), backed by influencers like world champion boxer Tyson Fury, still holds a market cap of only $345 million, while PEPE (PEPE) reached a higher market cap in a relatively short timeframe without the backing of crypto influencers.

What is Big Eyes Coin?

Big Eyes (BIG) coin is an emerging meme coin, distinct from the typical dog-themed meme coins like BabyDoge Coin and Shiba Inu, thanks to its charming cat mascot and innovative approach.

The coin recently concluded its presale after progressing through 15 stages, raising a substantial $27.46 million in presale funds, excluding promotional offers. One of Big Eyes Coin’s notable achievements is its sizable community of over 46,300 BIG holders, affectionately known as the Kitty Cuddlers.

Notably, the coin does not impose buy or sell transaction fees, making it essentially fee-free to trade, except for gas fees. Furthermore, the liquidity on the exchange is locked for a two-year period.

Big Eyes has also ventured into the Online Casino and Play-to-Earn (P2E) realm, generating considerable excitement. The project promises unique features such as NFTs and loot boxes, adding a touch of novelty and gamification to the coin. Although these features have yet to be unveiled, the project asserts its commitment to decentralization and security, despite some evidence suggesting centralized elements and vulnerabilities.

A significant development is the upcoming BIG Casino, set to launch on August 29th, featuring over 4000 games in the Web3 universe, with many being P2E games. BIG will be the exclusive token permitted in the casino, with transactions within the casino contributing to BIG’s daily trading volume. This metric reflects interest in the coin and can boost BIG’s ranking on exchanges, drawing more attention and fostering growth.

The future looks promising as Big Eyes Coin prepares to introduce its GameFi extravaganza, captivating gamers worldwide, creating scarcity, and substantially increasing BIG’s trading volume and market capitalization. This endeavor is expected to enhance the BIG token’s value, enrich its ecosystem, and spotlight crypto adoption, utility, and sustainability.

Big Eyes Coin Key Points

Setting a high fundraising goal – uncommon for meme currencies and even high utility tokens – and failing to fulfill it may have an impact on investor confidence on launch day.

Presale StartedAugust 2022
Purchase MethodsUSDT, ETH or BNB
Hard Cap$51.2 million
Listing Price$0.0006

How to Purchase Big Eyes Coin – Five-Step Guide

If you decide to invest in Big Eyes during its presale, you can follow these steps:

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2030

Step 1: Open a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Begin by opening a cryptocurrency wallet. New token presales often support various decentralized wallets, with MetaMask for desktop and Trust Wallet for mobile devices being commonly recommended choices.

Step 2: Acquire Cryptocurrency for Swapping into $BIG

Next, you’ll need to acquire cryptocurrency that you can later exchange for $BIG. Options include purchasing USDT, ETH, or BNB. ETH and BNB are listed on platforms like eToro, while Tether (USDT) is available on OKX.

Step 3: Visit the Big Eyes Official Website

Visit the official Big Eyes website at Be cautious of fake websites and only use the official one. Once on the website, click on the ‘Buy Now‘ button. If you decide to join the Telegram community, be vigilant regarding fake admins; genuine staff members will not initiate direct messages with you.

Step 4: Complete the Payment

Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and enter the latest bonus code, which may vary but is END300 at the time of writing, to receive a 300% token bonus. After entering the code, click ‘Apply’ to proceed with your purchase.

Step 5: Claim Your Tokens

As is typical with most cryptocurrency presales, you will need to claim your tokens during a token generation event (TGE) after the presale period concludes. In the case of the Big Eyes coin presale, this event is scheduled for June 3rd, 2023.

Once you have acquired your $BIG tokens, you can set your own Big Eyes token price prediction and establish a price target for potential profit-taking on Uniswap or during its initial listing on a centralized exchange (CEX).

Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What is Big Eyes (BIG) coin, and how does it differ from other meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu

    Big Eyes (BIG) coin is a meme cryptocurrency with a cat-themed approach, setting it apart from the dog-themed meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It aims to distinguish itself through its charming cat mascot and innovative features, such as NFTs and loot boxes.

  • 2. What are the key details of the Big Eyes (BIG) coin presale, including the start date, hard cap, and listing price?

    The Big Eyes coin presale began in August 2022 with a hard cap of $51.2 million. The listing price for the coin was set at $0.0006.

  • 3. How can I purchase Big Eyes (BIG) coin during the presale?

    To participate in the Big Eyes coin presale, follow these steps:
       a. Open a cryptocurrency wallet, such as MetaMask for desktop or Trust Wallet for mobile devices.
       b. Acquire cryptocurrency like USDT, ETH, or BNB, which can be used to swap for $BIG.
       c. Visit the official Big Eyes website ( and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.
       d. Connect your wallet and enter the latest bonus code, if available.
       e. Complete the payment process.
       f. Claim your tokens during the token generation event (TGE) after the presale concludes.

  • 4. What are the challenges and opportunities for Big Eyes (BIG) coin in the cryptocurrency market, especially in comparison to established meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu

    Big Eyes coin faces the challenge of competing with established meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, which have substantial market capitalizations. To succeed, it must fulfill its roadmap, attract new investors, and retain existing holders. One advantage is its capped total supply of 200 billion tokens, making it non-inflationary. However, achieving a market cap higher than Shiba Inu or Dogecoin would require significant price gains.

  • 5.Are there any concerns or red flags associated with the Big Eyes (BIG) coin project?

    Some concerns have been raised, including potential discrepancies in the amount raised during the presale and critical analysis from professional traders. Additionally, the success or failure of other meme tokens could also impact Big Eyes’ price

  • 6.What is the significance of the upcoming BIG Casino and its impact on Big Eyes (BIG) coin’s value and adoption?

    The BIG Casino, set to launch on August 29th, aims to offer over 4000 games in the Web3 universe, with many being Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. BIG will be the exclusive token allowed in the casino, contributing to its daily trading volume. A higher trading volume can increase the coin’s ranking on exchanges, drawing more attention and fostering growth.

  • 7.Is investing in Big Eyes (BIG) coin during its presale a recommended strategy for cryptocurrency investors?

    Investing in any cryptocurrency, including Big Eyes coin, involves risks and should be approached with caution. It’s essential to conduct thorough research, understand the project’s fundamentals, and evaluate your risk tolerance before investing in any crypto presale.

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